Ever wonder, what is the story behind your food? How can the same thing taste so differently, depending on where it comes from?

We want to help you answer these - we are food explorers seeking flavors at their best:

  • Natural & healthy
  • Fresh from harvest, No chemical preservatives!
  • Minimally processed

By bringing in the best artisanal treasures that have been preserved through centuries, handed down practically from the time of the ancients. We will work directly with top-notch small producers, so you will now be able to sample the best local products, starting from Sicily and Southern Italy.

Our mission is to deliver the best products to you, so you can unleash your creativity and create the 'Food is the simple pleasure of life' moment at home - something to look forward to, after a long day/week at work :)

Who says eating good and healthily has to be bland, expensive & time-consuming?