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Patès are very versatile and can be used a number of ways rather than just as a spread on bruschetta or crackers. Thin it out with extra virgin olive oil for a flavorful dipping oil for bread. Enjoy with pita chips, carrots or cucumber slices and mix into hummus for a great party appetizer! Spread it on a sandwich instead of mustard or mayo, or fold some into an omelet with some creamy-smooth goat cheese. Mix with cream cheese for a revamped bagel brunch.

If you need a quick dinner idea, toss it in pasta as an instant sauce with chunks of fresh cooked or good-quality canned tuna, adding cubes of feta at the end. Add to salad dressing for a flavorful vinaigrette. Spread a thin layer of it between the skin of chicken breasts or thighs before roasting. Grill fish, steak, chicken and vegetables with a spoonful on top for flavor! Add dollops to a homemade pizza with artichokes, eggplant and roasted capsicums.

A little goes a long way!