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  • The name "orecchiette" comes from the particular pasta shape that reminds one of a "small ear" ("orecchio" in italian). Orecchiette pasta are typical from Puglia region but they are widespread in all Italian regions. Small and white, dome-like in shape, this pasta is defined by its thick edges, thin center and rough surface. The concave round shape and the special yellow gold color of the pasta makes it easy to absorb any sauce to create unique recipes.

    Since they are very hard it is advisable to cook them 5 minutes longer than the cooking time on the packaging to have better results!

    Ingredient: 100% Durum wheat semolina

    Net Weight: 500g

    Suggested cooking time: 16~17 mins

  • Orecchiette pasta are usually cooked with turnip tops but they are also delicious with tomato sauce garnished with Pecorino cheese and all vegetable dressings.

  • Please keep product in a dry and cool environment. Since our products are crafted from fresh ingredients free of preservatives, please keep it tightly sealed upon opening the packet and consume within 18 months of manufacturing date.  

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