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The Real Food Market is proud to bring to Singapore the finest range of processed truffles, all made with superior and natural ingredients 100% made in Italy. We import our truffles products directly from Molise, giving you completely natural products with no synthetic preservatives or chemical additives used. 

White Truffles are eaten raw. Usually, a shower of thin slices, with the crispiness of an extra-firm nut, goes on hot food. The main experience is of aroma, and it's lost in real cooking. In contrast black truffles require heat, though not much cooking, to bring out the full flavor. The best way to appreciate either kind is with simple foods. Often, sliced or slivered, they are added to scrambled eggs or mixed with mashed potatoes.

Unlike its most famous brother Piedmont, truffles from Molise are still relatively unknown outside of Italy. However, the Molise white truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico) is in no way inferior to their famed White Alba cousin and 40% of white truffle produced in Italy comes from Molise. In fact, the world's biggest white truffle (~1.5 kg) has been discovered in Molise in 2014, beating the previous record held by Croatia.

All the truffle products that you buy from us are:

1. 100% made in Italy
2. Nothing artificial
3. High percentage of truffle content
4. Made with the finest selected ingredients
5. Made according to the typical Italian craftsmanship and tradition