Our Project

Our story began when we were vacationing in Sicily, Italy. Throughout our time there, we never had a repeat of any dish. Ingredients were put together simply, but the medley of flavors was amazing. When we visited the markets, the farmers and sellers were very proud of their local produce and happily invited us to sample them. The fruits and vegetables were plump, juicy, with colors so vibrant, and we understood why Sicilian food was so delicious. It hit us - Food is the simple pleasure of life! To recreate this experience at home, we curate our products with the following in mind:

Now, together with a group of small-scale, artisanal food producers, we would like to share this experience with you and invite you to sample the most flavorful and natural products from Sicily and other parts of Southern Italy. We have handpicked these products, which are recognized throughout Italy for their excellence and heritage, with the goal to not only honour the quality of the produce, but also to support the commitment of the producers.

We strive to keep the costs of our products low and affordable, so that you could easily prepare these dishes at home frequently. We don't fly business class, neither do our products; we want YOU to 'fly' - Imagine flying to Sicily and having a meal by the beach... :)

We will deliver the products to you, so unleash your creativity and use them to create your own 'Food is the simple pleasure of life' moments at home :) We are sure it will be something you and your family will look forward to after a long day or week at work!