Conserve Solo Sole

Conserve Solo Sole is a family business that anchors their business around the nature and history of their land. It was founded by the Finocchiaro family, who had always had a passion for the Sicilian cuisine. Faithful to Sicilian tradition, Conserve Solo Sole offers an extensive line of food products, carrying on a family tradition. Everything just as if you'd made it with your own hands.

Driven by their enthusiasm and passion, they are constantly searching for the perfect balance of proportions, amounts and combinations of different raw materials to make the products. They have also created many unusual combinations: adding other ingredients to the original recipes handed down through generations, resulting in unique blends of flavors. 

The attention to detail - be it an ingredient or product packaging - is almost maniacal: only quality ingredients, prepared according to the ancient local tradition, and packages that enhance the product to do them justice. Each jar of preserves is a true work of art, both inside and out. Each jar contains the best Sicilian produces: olives, capers, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, artichokes and all the goodness that the season offers.

In a  triumph of tastes, colors and authenticity , each vessel is  packed with a delicious packaging that recalls the origins and the name of the company: a radiant sun painted on the cap and label application or terracotta with the same reason, make these products even a gastronomic souvenir to take home after a holiday in Sicily or a special gift to give to lovers of good food. The company's motto "Sicily in a jar" gives a fair preview of what our palate will discover with the first taste.