Di Iorio Tartufi

The family-run Di Iorio Tartufi is a small artisanal business based in Molise, the Italian region famous for its wondrous ancient forests. They specialize in the harvesting and processing of truffles of Molise, and creating products made from the age-old delicacy: the truffle. In addition to offering various types of fresh truffles, the company produces truffle-based products, perfect for creating sophisticated dishes. In 2014, the company received the "Premio Oscar della Qualità" (Oscar Award for quality). The secret of their success? Authenticity and quality.

Vincenzo Di Iorio, a young entrepreneur, decided to carry on and develop this family passion, having learned all the tricks of the trade of truffle hunting from an early age from his grandfather Vito.

In the splendid ancient woods in the area of ​​this small region Italian, Di Iorio, still family-run, collects white truffle and black truffle. Their production processes preserve the integrity of traditional hand-crafted techniques while incorporating the production standards of a modern laboratory. All products are the result of craftsmanship, in which no artificial preservatives or colorings are used, so that the genuineness and the aroma of the truffle can be enjoyed naturally and authentically.

Di Iorio offers their truffles in different forms and combinations: seasonal truffles whole, sliced, combined with creams, oil, butter or salt. It also creates products like truffle cream made with asparagus, porcini mushrooms or truffle with pecorino cheese, all of which are excellent Molise produces.