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Sweet, Sicilian and irresistible. We are not talking about the legendary Sicilian sweets, but Scyavuru products. Ribera Strawberries, Coscia Pears, Black Mulberries, Prickly Pears, Malvasia Wine are just some of the Sicilian flavors kept in the Scyavuru treasure chests.

Scyavuru is born from the merging of three separate farms, united by their passion for the territory and agriculture. Scyavuru - Sicilian dialect for “Fragrance”, was chosen as the name of this company by one of the founders, Rosario Tortorici. It reflected their philosophy to combine a constant search for traditional flavors and recipes of ancient cultural and gastronomic Sicilian traditions with particular attention to tasty, healthy and genuine products. 

"We respect very much the fruit - says Rosario - and for all our jams we use only the finest fruit, the one destined to the table, and seasonal. Because, even in our jars, as the saying goes, what you put is what you find."
The best products come from the company's laboratory of flavours, trying to abolish the greatest number of steps in the distribution chain in order to offer consumers the freshness of a genuine food produced in harmony with nature. Their recipes are those from the most ancient tradition, handed down from generation to generation, combined with a constant passion for innovation, guaranteeing a quality rarely found, while also satisfying the most discerning palates.

"Good, clean and fair, that's how I will call the products of our company - concludes Rosario - good because it brings with it the goodness of handmade products, clean because there are no preservatives and fair because our prices are competitive."