Caseificio Spitale

What's more beautiful than a family that continues to cultivate the same land and the same product from generation to generation? The owners who continue the production of cheeses with the same diligence, but continually renewing the traditions that are worth preserving.

A strong alliance between man, territory and product.
Men: Spitale family has always led the company with passion and professionalism.
Territory: The ideal central location, the altitude that mitigates the high summer temperatures and the nature of the Sicilian soil, make the fields perfect company to have fantastic products, without any additives.
Product: A set of exceptional qualities - flavor, sustainability and tradition, make our excellent Sicilian cheeses.

Giuseppe’s third-generation farm Caseificio Spitale stretches over 120 hectares of pasture in the province of Enna, at 560 meters in altitude. The farm raises native breeds of sheep and goats (Comisana and Valle del Belice sheep and Maltese goat), grazing them out doors all year, with his land split between pasture and arable fields, and making use of a sheepfold for milking and lambing. The stock feed on fresh grasses, fodder and seeds cultivated on the farm.

Spitale's farms produce their cheeses from organic raw sheep's milk to retain all the nutritional characteristics of fresh milk, and the wealth of flavors and aromas of their pastures. The techniques of traditional raw milk, combined with strict compliance with hygiene standards, allow the use of a safe, rich and nutritionally complete milk. This gives the palate a variety of aromas that come from the wealth of herbs present on their pastures.

The processing of the milk at high temperature eliminates all the flora and micro-organisms that make the milk a live food, then forcing the addition of ferments for the production of the cheese. The cultures, coming from selected strains, cannot recreate the same richness and variety of the natural flora of the milk.