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  • The Cilento area is famous for goats and is home to a local breed, the Cilentana. The quality of their grazing land, characterized by Mediterranean macchia, shrubs and cespitose grasses, is reflected in the local cheeses, which are distinguished by their aromatic complexity. One particularly outstanding example is Cacioricotta, named after the unusual technique used for curdling the milk, partly using rennet (like “cacio,” cheese) and partly using heat (like ricotta).

    Cacioricotta appears very similar to a dried ricotta, however its flavour is lightly sharp and unique. Our Cacioricotta is made with goat’s milk cheese. Traditionally made in spring, this white, stretched curd cheese is firm and dainty flaky to the bite and has a delicate, mildly salty flavour. Is best eaten grated, on top of salads or pizzas and backed dishes. Ideal with tomato, cherris or passata and fresh basil. The flavour of Cacioricotta ranges from sweet when young to savoury when aged and can reach a strong distinctive taste that grated on top matches perfectly with special pasta dishes typical from south of Italy.

    Type: Semi-Soft Cheese

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Type: Cheeses

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