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Cheese platter can be a great addition to any meal, especially during gatherings of friends & families. There are no hard and fast rules to determining a cheese category or type, but some guidance can enable you to create an amazing & memorable cheese platter.

Our prices here are estimated with 6 guests in mind, each having 50g of each cheese. Please contact us directly before booking to calculate the right price and determine delivery options.

For more information about the different types of cheeses included in the platter, please refer to our 'Types of Cheeses' section.

Some tips on creating the perfect cheese platter

  • Grilled vegetables, dried fruit, apples and toasted walnuts work well with almost all cheeses

    Celery and grapes can be enjoyed with blues and strong hard cheeses

    Crusty or fruity bread, rather than crackers, lets you experience the texture and feel of the cheeses in your mouth

  • 1 superb large cheese is better than 3 or 4 small wedges, which can be in danger of drying out quickly.

    Color and shape should come from an interesting combination of cheeses, not from the garnishes.

    Allow around 60g of each cheese per person.

    Offer diversity by choosing cheeses with different textures.

    For variety of flavour, provide at least one goat's or sheep's milk cheese, rather than relying only on cow's milk cheese

    Precut a couple of wedges to show guests how it's done. You could remove the rind from blue or hard cheeses to keep anyone from cutting across the wedge instead of into smaller wedges.

  • Fresh, aged fresh and soft white cheeses prefer dry, crisp fruity wines and ciders that won't dominate.

    Semi-soft cheeses, especially washed-rind, need a feisty, aromatic white to pair with their sweetness.

    Hard cheeses pair well with red wines. The harder and darker the cheese, the heavier, richer and redder the wine.

    Blue cheeses work superbly with sweet dessert wines or aromatic whites. The sweetness cuts through the sharpness of the cheese.

    Flavor-added cheeses work with different types of wines; it really depends on what flavour has been added

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