Sulla Honey


  • Sulla is also known as French honeysuckle or Italian sainfoin. It is from the Fabaceae, or Pea family, usually found in hilly or mountainous terrain up to elevations of about 1,200 meters. It is native to Sicily but also found wide around the Mediterranean basin, and in Australia and New Zealand. It has also been used in human herbal remedies for its astringent and cholesterol-lowering properties.

    Sulla honey is a fast crystallizer, crystallizing within a few months of harvest. Sulla honey has a light, sweet aroma and thick, creamy texture. With hints of flowers and herbs, it is delicately sweet.

    Net Weight: 250g

  • This is a great honey to pair with young cheeses, or to temper the bite of your favorite blue cheese.

  • Since this is a natural, raw honey, it will crystallize over time or at cooler temperatures. To return this honey to a liquid state, simply heat the jar in warm water, stirring to smooth the texture.

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