White Truffle Oil

Di Iorio Tartufi

  • Truffles (not the chocolate kind!) have long been considered the jewel of Italian cuisine. Unable to be cultivated on farms and only gathered from the wild, these famed delicacies are gathered by hand and shipped to 5-star restaurants all over the world. White truffle is different from black truffle; the higher percentage of gas trapped in the white produces a lovely depth of flavor, with hints of garlic and shallot and an intense musky aroma. 

    One of the very few truffle oil made with real truffles, without chemicals!

    We want you to enjoy the aroma of real truffle without the burden of additives :) Just a few drops of this natural elixir can transform a dish, enriching flavours and sensations.

    Prepare or garnish your dishes with a drizzle of fine white truffle extra virgin olive oil. This premium oil – because Di Iorio brings only quality products to the table – is made of extra virgin olive oil, the condiment par excellence and the treasure of the Italian and Mediterranean tradition, infused with incomparable white truffle. A sumptuous flavoured oil to give your dishes a special and unique essence: excellent for bruschetta, pastas, fillings, risottos, salads and many other dishes. The real colour of gold is white!

    A consummate best seller, it comes in 2 sizes. Grab them before they are gone!

    IngredientsMin 5% White Truffle, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Ideal for use in a pasta dish, such as Tagliatelle or Fusilli with mushrooms, fried eggs, canapés, escalopes and on warm crostini and bruschetta. Or make your own truffle fries at home!

  • Keep in a dark and cool place.

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