Salad with Bronte Pistachio Pesto

Salad with Bronte Pistachio Pesto

If you are looking for a unique salad dressing, try our Bronte Pistachio Pesto! Best known for their emerald-green coloration and intense fragrance, Bronte Pistachios are widely lauded the best pistachio in the world, and many believe they have 3x the flavor than that of your standard pistachio. Furthermore, Bronte Pistachios represent less than 1% of the world’s pistachio production which makes them extremely special.

Here, Tarnin flavored her salad with our Bronte Pistachio Pesto for a tasty and healthy salad that won over her family too!

Quote from Tarnin: "The Bronte Pistachio Pesto sauce is really yummy. It's creamy and flavorful, yet not too strong nor salty. My husband and son dislike pesto sauce but they actually enjoy this pistachio pesto sauce from Bronte. Looks like I'll have to get a couple more bottles very soon :)" and she actually did!

Our tip: Use Bronte Pistachio Pesto for that special occasion; mix Bronte Pistachio Pesto with regular Pistachio Pesto for regular and a more economical meals.

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