Fusilli Spaccati

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  • The Fusilli Spaccati is a short pasta tupical in southern Italy (also known as Cicatelli in Molise or Capunti in Puglia). They are defined by their elongated boat-like shape and rolled edges, obtained by pressing a piece of dough lightly with the fingers. Rough on the inside, this type of pasta holds the sauce perfectly, glorifying its flavour, so it is well suited for different dressings.

    The fusilli spaccati produced by Spighe Molisane pasta factory uses only spring water and durum wheat semolina flour. Since they are very hard it is advisable to cook them 5 minutes longer than the cooking time on the box to have a very good result!

    Ingredient: 100% Durum wheat semolina

    Net Weight: 500g

    Suggested cooking time: 15-16 mins

  • Cicatelli are excellent with rich sauces, such as meat or ragout sauces and flavourful greens such as rocket, broccoli and turnip tops. Also goes well with traditional Italian sauces which include full-bodied tomato-based sauces such as Pantelleria or creamy sauces such as Carbonara.

  • Please keep product in a dry and cool environment. Since our products are crafted from fresh ingredients free of preservatives, please keep it tightly sealed upon opening the packet and consume within 18 months of manufacturing date. 

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